clean a commercial cooker
Photographer: Michael Browning | Source: Unsplash

Do you have a commercial cooker in your restaurant? Commercial cookers are the best: they make life easy because they enable you to cook so many different dishes at a go! But here’s the downside: they can be quite difficult to clean. If your commercial cooker is not cleaned regularly, you’ll see a buildup of oil, grease and grime which can cause major health issues.

Clean A Commercial Cooker Easily

Dirty cookers tend to be breeding grounds for cockroaches, thus creating an issue of health and hygiene. Also, greasy cooker trays with accumulated grease are another health hazard, since accumulated grease is known to be a carcinogenic agent. To prevent your kitchen from failing the hygiene standards and being shut down, you need to look into how to clean your commercial cooker.

Cleaning the Stove Top

There are a lot of health risks associated with dirty stove tops. If the stove top has a lot of grease, it becomes a major fire hazard, especially since the cooker has open flames for cooking. Apart from this, dirty stove tops are also major breeding grounds for bacteria and insects such as cockroaches. To circumvent all these, you can opt for the best way to clean a commercial cooker:

# Wipe down the stove top after each use – This is a preventive measure to prevent your commercial cooker from becoming too dirty! When you wipe down your cooker immediately after you use it, you’re reducing your cleaning workload by more than half! Surely that's a good way to clean a commercial cooker and save time in the long run.

Doing this saves time, this is because all immediate food residues are removed before it has a chance to stick on the stove top surface. You can use a wet and warm washcloth for this. Hang it up near the cooker so everyone who uses the cooker knows what to do after they’re done!

# Scrape it off! – The main features of the stove top are the burner assemblies and the grates on which the pans for cooking are placed. These usually tend to have burnt food on them, especially when the kitchen is very busy and the chef isn’t paying attention so liquids such as soups boil over. Use a scraper to scrape off all the burnt food.

# Using A Degreaser – Degreasers are solvents that are used to remove fatty acids from surfaces. You can use a degreaser to remove greases and oils from your stove top.

# Warm Soak – After switching off your gas supply, remove the burners and grates and put them in a basin with warm water and soap to remove the grime and protect the shine! Don’t use acidic solutions: these tend to wear off the metal over time and thus damage your burners and grates!

# Cleaning the Drip Tray – Lift the stove top and you’ll find a drip tray below where everything that falls through the grates accumulates. This is where you’ll find the most grease! Use the degreaser again to remove the grease before it begins accumulating.

Cleaning the Oven

Apart from the stove top, a commercial cooker also has an oven. Here are a few tips on the best way to clean a commercial cooker oven!

# Soak the Racks – A commercial cooker oven usually has more than one or two racks: It can even have five! Oven racks are breeding grounds for cockroaches and need their fair share of attention when it comes to cleaning. Remove the oven racks, wipe them with a warm cloth and then soak in warm, soapy water. This will loosen any accumulated grime and grease and make them easy to wash!

# Brillo It! – The inside of the oven usually gets spattered with food, oil or grease that can accumulate with time and make the inside of your oven a gathering place for bacteria. To clean it, use a Brillo pad or any other stainless steel scouring pad for a good scrub.

# Spray It – Your kitchen will only look spick and span if your commercial cooker looks clean and amazing. Once you’ve cleaned out the oven, you can help it look amazing by giving it a wipe down with a dry cloth sprayed with stainless steel spray. With gleam of the oven will be enough to put the rest of your kitchen to shame! Now replace the oven racks and you’re done!